How My Policy Works

How we reward safer driving

We see how you drive so you can see your costs go down. It’s easy. When you drive safely, we may lower the cost of your renewal and mileage top-ups. And it’s all down to a little gadget in your car that tells us – and you – how well you’re doing behind the wheel.

The helpful, handy Telematics Smart Box

When you take out cover with MyPolicy, we’ll fit a Telematics Smart Box into your vehicle. You’ll never see or hear this tiny bit of tech, but it’s always busy monitoring how you drive; from your speed and your driving style, to when and where you travel.

What is Telematics?

Build up your Driver Score

As your Telematics Smart Box monitors your driving, it’ll give you a driver score out of 10. You can see this at any time on our app (coming soon) or your Online Driver Dashboard – along with feedback on your driving and driving tips.

Dashboard Explained

Choose your Miles

Choose a mileage that suits your needs. If you don’t drive much, your premium will be lower. After all, why pay for miles you’re not going to use?

Save on your renewal cost

If your Telematics Smart Box tells us you’ve been driving well, we will aim to offer lower prices for mileage top ups and renewals. Leaving you with more cash to get on the road and enjoy your freedom.

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