Accident Support

If you get into an accident, your Telematics Smart Box data may be able to help. Your device is equipped with technology that may allow us to detect the severity of an impact. This information could be requested by your insurer to help support your claim. In addition you can gather important information at the scene to, here's our essential guide:

Been in an accident? Here's what you do:

  • Get the name, contact details and insurance details of other drivers involved
  • Record the registration number of all other vehicles involved
  • Take photographs of the scene
  • Get witnesses (take their name, address and contact number)
  • Document all damage and injuries
  • If the police are at the scene, get the police station address and reference number
  • Call your insurer.

Accurate accident information

When accidents occur it's sometimes difficult to determine the circumstances.

Your Telematics Smart Box may be able to give us data about the:

  • Time and place of the incident
  • Force of impact
  • Direction of travel
  • Speed of the vehicle before and after the impact.