What is Telematics?

What is a Telematics Smart Box?

A Telematics Smart Box, also known as a black box, is a small device that collects data about your driving. They've been used in emergency and commercial vehicles for years. Check out our helpful video to find out more.

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Main Features:


Captures your style of driving

Many insurers put all new drivers in the same category, but we treat you as an individual and look at the way you drive. You can build a positive driving score which may qualify for a lower renewal rate and cheaper top up miles.


Online Driver Dashboard

Review your driving to become a better, safer driver, and monitor how many miles you have left.


A GPS tracker to show the location of your car

Can be used for theft recovery, provided it is still intact.

How to get driving feedback

You can access information about your driving 24/7 through your Online Driver Dashboard or App (coming soon)

  • Driving Scores and Journeys
  • Helpful tips
  • Check your mileage
  • As soon as you take out your policy, you'll be given the login details.

Find out about the driving dashboard

What will be tracked?

Your Telematics Smart Box gathers information about your driving style and this information is used to give you a driver score.

Your driver score is regularly updated, so that when your driving improves, your score goes up and you may qualify for greater savings on renewals and top up miles.

Your driver score is based on:

  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Speed
  • Cornering
  • Time of use
  • Mileage
  • Types of roads used e.g. motorways or country lanes
  • Location of vehicle

Benefits of a Telematics Smart Box

Having a Telematics Smart Box isn't just about pleasing insurers. It's about helping you drive smarter and trying to save you money.

Your Telematics Smart Box will give you:

  • Alerts and warnings to help you avoid penalties
  • Journey and score data
  • The chance to review your own driving objectively
  • Driving tips