The Dashboard Explained

Access your Dashboard from any device

View your journey data 24/7 through your Online Driver Dashboard. By monitoring the journey data from your Telematics Smart Box, you can get a better picture of how you’re really driving.

Keep track of your driver score

Your Online Driver Dashboard makes everything clear and simple. It gives you information about your speed and how smoothly you drive and when, to give you a driver score out of 10. The better you drive, the higher your score.

Spot problem areas

A little heavy on the brakes? Accelerating a bit too fast? If there’s anything about your driving that needs work, the Online Driver Dashboard gives you ideas on how to improve your smoothness, speed and usage ratings. 

See how you can drive better

Your Dashboard is here to help. So if you do need to improve your technique behind the wheel, we’ll give you some practical pointers on how to make things better.

Get bigger discounts

Safer drivers save more with MyPolicy. So when your driver score goes up, you may be rewarded with bigger discounts on your renewal premiums and your mileage top-ups.

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