Avoiding car theft

How to prevent car theft

Vehicles can be stolen in seconds, but the right vehicle security precautions can make life much harder for the criminals.

Lock Up

It’s obvious, but always worth remembering. Turn off the ignition, close the windows, shut the sunroof and lock all the doors (and the boot) every time you leave your car. Even when you’re at home.

Park in a secure, well-lit area

Driveways and locked garages are always the safest option. If not, then pick somewhere well-lit, such as under a street lamp. Thieves hate places they’re easily seen.

Avoid car park entrances and exits

Easier access means these are the first places a thief will target.

Always take your key with you

Even if you’re only out of your car for a few seconds or there’s a passenger inside. Don’t gives thieves any opportunity.

Hide your valuables

Satnavs, laptops, phones, bags, purses…if they’re on show, they’re tempting for criminals. Keep them out of sight.

Never keep documents in your car

Leaving personal details in your car won’t just make you a target for car thieves, it also increases the chance of identity theft.

Get a steering lock

It’s a good, highly visible deterrent.

Invest in a car alarm

Irritating as they can be, they’ll let you know if someone’s trying to break in, and hopefully scare off the thief in the process.

Never keep your spare key in your car

It’s a bad idea anyway if you can’t get to it when you lock yourself out. Plus, criminals always know exactly where to look.

Be aware of theft by towing

Some criminals simply tow cars away. Make it difficult for them by parking with your wheels turned towards the kerb, always using a steering lock and making sure the handbrake’s on.

Lock your doors when you’re in the car

This will make it tricky for those who target people stopped at junctions or traffic lights.

Keep your car keys out of sight at home

Some thieves break into homes just to steal car keys. So stash them in a place that’s well away from doors and windows.

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