Choosing a first car

Best cars for new drivers

It’s an exciting time when you’re choosing your very first car. But what do you need to consider?

Avoid fast, powerful cars

The insurance and fuel costs are way higher, while the speed tends to creep up, so there’s a much bigger risk of losing control.

Think small

Smaller cars are perfect for new drivers. Insurance is cheaper, parking is easier and the controls are lighter.

Check the mileage

Lower mileage cars are always preferable, but if you’re only going to be using yours for short commutes, you can probably get away with a slightly higher mileage model.

New vs secondhand

For most new drivers, used cars are their only option. If you can afford it, new cars offer more accident protection features (such as multiple airbags). But, as a new driver you’re more likely to pick up a dent or a scratch – and nobody wants that, especially on a brand new car.

Low emissions

Most cars are taxed according to their CO2 emissions. So look for a lower emission model that will save you tax as well as fuel.

Manual vs automatic

Autos are always much less effort, but if you get out of the habit of driving a manual after you’ve only just learned how, it might be harder to pick up in the future.