Saving fuel

How to drive economically

Want to know how to save fuel when driving? Here’s a few ideas.

Keep your tyres pumped up

Too much or too little air in your tyres makes you use more fuel. Get the right tyre pressure from your vehicle handbook and stick to it.

Turn your engine off

Don’t keep things ticking over if you’re not moving. Switch on your engine as you’re about to drive away and switch it off when you get there.

Drive smoothly

Harsh braking and accelerating guzzles up the fuel, so take it easy.

Use your gears

Change up early and drive in the highest gear possible without straining the engine. And, if you can, change gear in blocks - such as straight from second to fourth.

Keep the weight down

Don’t carry bags you don’t need and take that roof rack off when you’re not using it.

Switch off your air con

It makes your engine work harder, so be careful when you use it.

Slow down at speed bumps

Speeding over them takes energy. A steady 15 to 20mph is fine.

Slow down

The slower you drive, the less fuel you use.

Accelerate slowly

Speed up steadily and watch the rev counter to make sure you’re not overdoing it.

Know where you’re going

Wrong turns mean more miles, so know your route and get a satnav.

Close your windows at high speeds

Open windows let in air that can slow your car down – just like a parachute. So keep them closed to eliminate the drag.

Choose a fuel-efficient car

Smaller cars tend to need less fuel, but even then they can vary a lot. Newer vehicles often have Fuel Economy labels rated from A to M, so get as close as you can to an A rating to save fuel and pay less road tax.

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